The 1 Critical Insight from Three Years in B2B SaaS: Prioritizing Urgent Over Severe Customer Issues

Feb 6, 2022



In the vibrant journey of running a B2B SaaS startup, there are numerous lessons learned and insights gained. At Neptune Cloud Inc., we've encountered a pivotal realization over our three-year voyage – the significance of addressing urgent customer issues over those that seem more severe. Let's dive into why this approach is crucial for startups, especially in the initial stages.

The Predicament of Priority:

The conventional wisdom in the B2B realm suggests tackling the most severe customer problems first. This belief is underpinned by the thought that solving big, complex issues will significantly impact client satisfaction and loyalty. However, this approach has its pitfalls, particularly for early-stage startups.

A Journey of Experience:

  1. Initial Beliefs: In the startup phase, we believed that addressing severe problems would attract serious corporate clients.

  2. Complexity of Severe Problems: We soon realized that these severe problems are often intricate and challenging to solve.

  3. Time-Consuming Solutions: Crafting solutions for these complex issues required a prolonged persuasion and sales cycle.

  4. Economic Impact: While B2B SaaS is often seen as cost-effective due to minimal marketing expenses, extended sales cycles can rapidly deplete the overall company funds, including R&D.

  5. Elevated Customer Expectations: Prioritizing severe issues sends a signal to clients that may lead to them imposing high demands, particularly challenging for startups with limited operational experience.

  6. Hesitation Towards MVPs: Ironically, this approach raises customer expectations to a level where they become reluctant to purchase MVP-level products from new startups.

  7. Urgent Issues as Opportunities: Customers are more willing to take a chance on imperfect solutions if they address their immediate needs.

  8. Simplicity in Urgency: Urgent problems are often simpler, allowing R&D to set clear goals and receive immediate feedback.

  9. Growth Through Immediate Solutions: By solving urgent problems, startups can secure immediate customers, fueling growth and product development.

Lessons Learned:

Our journey has distilled into a few key lessons for early-stage B2B SaaS startups:

  • Prioritizing severe customer problems from the get-go introduces risks due to extended sales cycles and elevated customer demands.

  • Focusing on urgent customer problems can unlock more opportunities.

  • Initially, it's vital to target customers who need immediate problem solutions.

This insight has reshaped our approach at Neptune Cloud Inc., driving us towards more sustainable growth and customer satisfaction.


The path of a B2B SaaS startup is fraught with challenges and learning opportunities. At Neptune Cloud Inc., we've embraced the philosophy of addressing urgent customer needs as a cornerstone of our growth strategy. This approach has not only helped us build a loyal customer base but has also enabled us to develop our offerings in a more customer-centric manner. We hope our experience enlightens other startups on their journey to success.

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