Generative AI startups come together to expand ecosystem

Sep 26, 2023

By Baek Byung-yeul, The Korea Times

Local startups specialized in generative AI gathered together to launch the Generative AI Startup Association (GAISA), which will create an ecosystem for domestic companies and explore collaboration opportunities in the emerging sector, they said Monday.

Since early this year, domestic AI startups Liner, Wrtn Technologies, Scatterlab, Upstage, Coxwave and FriendliAI have been promoting the establishment of the association. In August, Wrtn Technologies CEO Lee Se-young was elected as chairman of GAISA while Scatterlab CEO Kim Jong-youn was appointed as auditor.

To date, 20 domestic AI startups joined as members to cultivate the local AI ecosystem. The establishment of the association is significant in that it is business-led rather than government-led.

“The rise of generative AI is heralding a change we have never seen before. Many companies around the world are working on it, and the startups here are also at the forefront of the move,” GAISA's chairman said.

“We are committed to creating an AI ecosystem that works for everyone. It is essential to have an ecosystem where each field involved in the AI industry, including hardware, software, data, infrastructure and programming, cooperates and coexists harmoniously. We will do our best to activate the ecosystem,” he added.

GAISA will collect issues faced by businesses from its members and communicate with the public. Additionally, the association plans to carry out various projects such as holding a technology conference and publishing reports about the generative AI industry.

Also, Koh Jean, chairman of the Presidential Committee on the Digital Platform Government said that the government will help these companies create a sturdy ecosystem to generate more business opportunities.

“The Presidential Committee on the Digital Platform Government is trying to focus government innovation in the age of AI. Startups have a very important role to play in that. Our committee will try to create a lot of business opportunities for them,” Koh said during the ceremony.