Neptune Cloud Inc. and Dnotitia Sign MOU to Enhance Bespoke AI Applications

Mar 5, 2024

Neptune Cloud Inc. is pleased to announce a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Dnotitia, signed on March 5th, 2024. This collaboration marks a significant step towards enhancing our offerings in the AI domain and expanding our capabilities to meet the growing demands of specialized industries.

Dnotitia, a pioneering deeptech startup, has carved its niche in providing on-device Large Language Models (LLMs) alongside cloud LLM solutions. Their expertise lies in tailoring these advanced models to operate efficiently within on-premise environments, catering specifically to clients who require custom LLMs for their operations.

Under this partnership, Neptune Cloud Inc. will integrate Dnotitia's innovative on-device LLM technology into our bespoke AI applications. This integration aims to streamline the deployment and functionality of our AI solutions across various sectors including corporate research labs, policy institutes, law firms, and other professional research entities. By leveraging Dnotitia's cutting-edge technology, Neptune Cloud Inc.'s AI tools are set to become more versatile and powerful, significantly boosting their performance and applicability.

The scope of our collaboration encompasses several key areas:

  • Joint testing and validation of each other’s services to ensure compatibility and efficiency.

  • Referral programs aimed at mutually enhancing customer outreach and engagement.

  • Coordinated marketing efforts to amplify our market presence and showcase our combined strengths.

  • Consortium-based supply of AI services that leverage both companies' technologies for superior solutions.

This MOU represents not just a partnership but a confluence of shared visions—where innovation meets practicality. By combining Neptune Cloud Inc.’s tailored AI solutions with Dnotitia’s exceptional on-device LLM technology, we are setting new benchmarks in the deployment of artificial intelligence across various industries.

We look forward to this collaborative journey with Dnotitia as we strive together towards unlocking new possibilities in the realm of AI applications. Our commitment remains steadfast—to provide cutting-edge solutions that cater effectively to the evolving needs of our clients while fostering an ecosystem of technological excellence and innovation.