Neptune Cloud Inc. and Hitit Soft Inc.: Forging a Strategic Partnership

Feb 1, 2024

Neptune Cloud Inc. and Hitit Soft Inc.: Forging a Strategic Partnership

Neptune Cloud Inc. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hitit Soft Inc. as of February 1, 2024. This agreement signals the start of a collaborative effort aimed at leveraging each company's strengths to enhance technology solutions and customer experiences.

About Neptune Cloud Inc.
Neptune Cloud Inc. a AI-powered SaaS company, provides enterprise-customized AI solutions and 'HWP.Chat', an AI-powered document reading assistant designed for knowledge professionals.

About Hitit Soft Inc.
Hitit Soft Inc., a software company, has developed "Maderr," a no-code SaaS platform utilizing cloud AI convergence technology. Maderr enables rapid creation of websites and mobile applications (iOS, Android) without coding, facilitating business expansion through accessible original source code and cloud server data.

Strategic Collaboration Highlights

The partnership is built on mutual benefits and shared goals:

  • Rapid Payment System Integration: Neptune Cloud will use Hitit Soft's expertise to integrate fast payment systems for e-commerce website development.

  • Customer Requirement Gathering & Testing: Hitit Soft will utilize Neptune Cloud's strengths in understanding customer requirements and conducting testing.

Broad Collaboration Scope

The collaboration encompasses various initiatives:

  • Service testing as testbeds

  • Referral programs

  • Joint marketing

  • Mutual support for business growth and customer acquisition

This MOU represents a strategic alignment between both companies to harness technological innovation for enhancing digital services for customers.

As this partnership unfolds, it promises advancements in digital transformation that align with the needs of businesses globally.